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Pricipal Message

Dear all,

The final results of learning are the application of knowledge and skills by the individual for the benefit of the society, nation and the world.

DPGS in Moradabad is a unique platform where we are working with conviction to serve the sole purpose of education to establish a civilization on planet earth by developing the power and capacities latent in the youth of 21st century. We aim to explore healthy avenues to release the youth capacities, develop their physical and intellectual abilities, build self confidence, will power, goal setting competencies and instill in the young minds a vision that will make them the agent of social change to serve the humanity at large.

We believe that it is through discipline that one learns value of time and responsible freedom.

We assure you that 15 years of training and education to the child at DPGS will be always known as remarkable contribution to society.

Please ensure that your ward conforms to the code of conduct prescribed in school diaries.

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